A collection of various projects currently fueling my insomnia. Updated every now and then.


A thousand years into the future, mankind has destroyed itself, and only AI remains. Roughly humanoid, sentient, rising from the ashes of a nuclear holocaust, these machines live, breathe, farm, philosophize, and fight each other as they struggle to come to grips with the uncertainty of their existence.

Now two rival civilizations square off, one nation laying siege to another’s home in retaliation for a grave social slight.

A graphic novel adaptation of Homer’s Iliad, but with robots. In collaboration with the great and powerful Shaun Martin. We’re expecting to publish our first volume in 2016!

Sample height map of the main cast:

machina height map

The Unvanquished Company

A pilot for an animated comedy series. The pitch: Archer meets Dungeons and Dragons.

pilot draft


Sometimes a snake is just a snake. Sometimes it’s something else, entirely.

My first attempt at using Twine, a tool for developing interactive narratives with simple, clean interfaces. I’m pretty impressed with the capabilities of the suite, and blown away at the visualization tools for the dialogue trees. Working in Twine is sort of like just like writing dialogue for games, minus all the technical challenges of actually making dialogue function in a game. So it’s not like writing for games at all, really.

This is a quick sketch of the possibilities in second-person, interactive storytelling. Definitely excited to experiment more with the medium.