A collection of various projects currently fueling my insomnia.



Four not-so-good adventurers — RATH, a gnoll warrior, NYX, a dark elf assasin, ZELL, an undead wizard, and their leader, a gothic bard named THE DIRGE — find themselves thrust into a cosmic struggle between the forces of darkness and light when they unknowingly stumble upon ancient weapons bearing an immortal legacy of heroism and virtue.

As civilization’s darkest hour approaches, will these “heroes” assume the mantle of The Unvanquished Company for the forces of good…or will their selfishness, opportunism, sexual proclivities, and penchant for rampant violence only add to the world’s undoing?

Archer meets Dungeons and Dragons. A pilot for animated television.



A thousand years into the future, mankind has destroyed itself, and only AI remains. Roughly humanoid, sentient, rising from the ashes of a nuclear holocaust, these machines live, breathe, farm, philosophize, and fight each other as they struggle to come to grips with the uncertainty of their existence.

Now two rival civilizations clash, one nation laying siege to another’s home in retaliation for a grave social slight.

A graphic novel adaptation of Homer’s Iliad, but with robots. In collaboration with the great and powerful Shaun Martin.

Scripts are still confidential, but here’s a sample height map of the main cast:

machina height map